Hospice Care For Your Pet

  The transition towards end of life is a subtle one. One day you are stroking their head and you realize the soft, black muzzle has gotten a lot grayer. The hair coat is duller, and their eyes are a little cloudy. That getting up or moving around requires some concentrated effort, the gait is slower and the jumps onto the sofa need assistance. We realize that their needs have been slowly increasing. We start to worry about how to keep them comfortable: are we meeting their needs adequately? are they in pain, are we waiting too long, or deciding too soon?

    An in- home personal assessment provides gentle interventions that improve their quality of life; preventing stressful trips to the hospital by addressing the following:

  • Controlling chronic pain with medication, acupuncture, massage

  • Improving mobility with household modifications, assistance devices

  • Modifications in diet, nutritional supplements

  • Explanation of their medical conditions and what to expect as they progress

  • Support for you as a caregiver